RIP Jack Grealish's Old Hair: Fans Distraught As Footballer Ditches The Curtains And Hairband

Fans are in mourning after the England player switched up his look amid his record-breaking transfer from Aston Villa to Man City.

There’s a lot to notice when Jack Grealish is running across the pitch, but it’s not just his footballing skills… it’s those luscious locks too.

Aside from the actual football, the England player’s hair-do became one of the most-talked about things of the Euro 2020 tournament earlier this year.

However, as Jack completed a British-record £100m transfer from Aston Villa to Manchester City on Thursday, fans were bereft to notice things had changed up top…

Jack’s new look was especially surprising as a video of his reaction to having his flawlessly-styled hair messed up by a teammate recently went viral, leaving Twitter users extremely entertained by his shocked reaction… although we definitely understood why.

So if, like us, you’re in mourning for his mane, here’s how to get his old look...

Jack sported a dirty-blonde look that fell on both sides of his face with a trimmed shape up around the sides and back, and it requires a bit of work to recreate.

Luckily though, Jack finally revealed the secrets of his impressive hair routine earlier this year, and it includes a product that costs less than £5.

1 Jack starts off by giving his hair a wash with shampoo and conditioner, which he leaves to marinate…

“Obviously leave it in (conditioner) for a couple minutes, get the shower gel and that on, then at the end wash it out,” he says.

2. In goes Moroccan oil and out comes the hairdryer

“I put Moroccan oil in it, wack the hairdryer and the hair brush out, and do my trim in the mirror,” he says.

3. Add product to finish

“When it’s dried I put hair bond in it, like a wax to style it,” he explains. “And then I use hairspray, the yellow Got2be at the end to hold it.”

Jack Grealish and his luscious locks
Jack Grealish and his luscious locks
Nick Potts/AP/Shutterstock

What to ask for in the salon

According to barber and founder of Joe & Co Joe Mills, obtaining Jack’s curtains is very doable.

The hairstylist told GQ magazine: “Grealish’s longer curtains with a tight fade are an easy transition for a lot guys. The cut is basically a short back and sides with the top disconnected.

“You need a good few inches of hair on top as a minimum and there will be an overhang around the sides. The back is blended in to the top. This is definitely suited to thicker hair that’s straight or with a slight wave.”

So there you have it folks, Jack’s old look can now been rocked by you.


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