Jack Maynard Apologises For ‘Disgusting’ Homophobic And Racist Tweets That Led To Him Leaving ‘I’m A Celebrity’

'I completely messed up.'

Jack Maynard has apologised for his “stupid and disgusting mistakes’ after he was removed from the ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ jungle after just two days.

In a video apology, the vlogger said he was “really, really sorry” after a series of homophobic and racist tweets, posted between 2011 and 2013 when he was a teenager, resurfaced.

The 23-year-old, who is already back in the UK after his swift exit from the Australian jungle, said his fans “deserved answers” in the four minute video (above) posted on his YouTube channel on Thursday night.

Jack Maynard
Jack Maynard

“As you can already tell I’m back in London, I have left the jungle in Australia where I was before this. To be honest I just want to start off with that I’m sorry, I’m just really, really sorry,” he said.

“The least you deserved was for me to come home and sit down and talk to you and explain everything that has been going on.”

“I’m sure most of you have seen that a lot of stuff have been written in the press over the last few days so I thought the least you deserved was for me to come home and just sit down and talk to you and explain everything that has been going on.

“I’m so sorry to anyone that I offended, anyone I upset, anyone I made feel uncomfortable.”


He added that he was “ashamed” of the historic tweets but insisted that growing up is “hard” online.

“I’ve messed up I’ve been really stupid in the past and tweeted some horrible things, some pretty disgusting things that I’m just ashamed of,” he continued.

“I was young, I was stupid, I was careless I just wasn’t thinking back when I’d just left school and I didn’t know what I was doing getting into arguments with people on Twitter before I knew I’d have any impact online.”

He went on to say he’d “completely messed up” but had done a lot of “growing up” since he was a treenager.

“I’m just so embarrassed, we’ve had such an amazing year,” he said.

“One of the reasons I went on the show was because I saw it as a huge achievement to see off the year and I feel like I completely messed it up.

“All I can do is beg and encourage that you guys don’t make the same mistake as well.

“Don’t put anything online you wouldn’t say to your mum.”

Watch Jack’s full apology in the video above.

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