Jacob Rees-Mogg Quits, So The Internet Brings Back All Of His Most Viral Moments

"I hope Jacob Rees-Mogg is looking forward to lying down on the backbenches."
Jacob Rees-Mogg has resigned from government
Jacob Rees-Mogg has resigned from government
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Jacob Rees-Mogg has resigned from government – prompting Twitter to remember all of its best jokes about the former minister.

Rees-Mogg, a controversial figure in the Commons known for some of his outlandish comments and Euroscepticism, was a backbencher for years until Boris Johnson brought him into cabinet.

He served as the leader of the Commons, before moving up to become Brexit opportunities and government efficiency minister in February this year.

Under Liz Truss, he became the business, energy and industrial strategy secretary – a role he held for less than two months.

A prominent ally to both Truss and Johnson, it’s unsurprising that Rees-Mogg has pulled out of the new government just before new PM Rishi Sunak reshuffled the cabinet.

Rees-Mogg had vowed that Johnson was going to put his name forward to become the next PM shortly before Johnson withdrew from the race.

Rees-Mogg did also U-turn over his previous criticisms of Sunak only on Tuesday morning (once it was clear Sunak was the next PM).

He told The Telegraph he no longer thinks Sunak is a “socialist” and that he would be willing to serve in his cabinet in the name of Tory unity.

Only in July, he claimed he would not serve in Sunak’s cabinet even if he won in that leadership contest, claiming: “I believe his behaviour towards Boris Johnson, his disloyalty means that I could not possibly support him and he wouldn’t want me in his cabinet anyway.”

Sunak is seen by many Johnson loyalists as the cabinet minister who helped push the former prime minister out of the job back in July, by resigning and undermining his authority.

So, Twitter wasted no time in mocking Rees-Mogg, who has gone viral several times in the past.

He was once pictured lying down with his feet on the front benches of the Commons – a memory not forgotten by any of his critics.

Others remembered how Rees-Mogg allegedly left notes on the desks of civil servants, encouraging them to return to the office.

He was also mocked for his attempts to find advantages to Brexit – and using a discount for fish fingers as an example – despite being one of the most prominent Brexiteers in Conservative Party.

Then there were those who took aim at his traditionalist politics....

...And speculation about whether he would have even been welcomed in Sunak’s cabinet, especially having been one of the new PMs most outspoken critics.


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