James O'Brien Says What Everyone Is Thinking About The UK's Climbing Covid Infection Rate

The LBC host claimed, the government's strategy was "almost psychopathic in its in silliness, in its dangerousness".
James O'Brien on his LBC talk show
James O'Brien on his LBC talk show
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Radio presenter James O’Brien has blamed the government’s inaction over the pandemic for the UK’s climbing Covid infection rate.

The UK is experiencing close to 50,000 new cases a day having reached a three-month high on Monday with 49,156 cases, meaning it now has one of the highest infection rates in the world.

There have been 138,629 Covid-related deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in Britain – with 45 deaths reported on Monday alone.

Yet there are almost no restrictions in place across the country at the moment.

Dozens of MPs also stunned the public by appearing in the jam-packed House of Commons without wearing a mask on Monday.

Speaking on Tuesday on his LBC show, O’Brien said: “I just don’t know what the [government] are going to do.”

He continued: “I found that picture of the House of Commons yesterday – it was enough to feel awful about.

“I don’t get it – unless there is some sort of plan, whether conscious or unconscious, [that] if we behave as if it’s all over, then it will be.

″I’ve got no more than that.”

Gathering to honour the life of murdered Tory MP Sir David Amess, few Conservatives were seen wearing a face covering despite being in close proximity to more than 200 people in the Commons for the occasion.

“We have got 114 days since the UK reported fewer than 20,000 daily cases – about three weeks before Freedom Day.”

Freedom Day, July 19, was the day prime minister Boris Johnson removed almost all of the Covid restrictions.

O’Brien continued: “It’s been 107 days since we reported fewer than 500 hospital admissions.

“Now, we’re looking at over 120 deaths each day – and the government is behaving as though it’s all over.

“And I do wonder if you can come up with a more upbeat explanation as to what you think is going on.

“My honest belief now is that they have embarked upon a path that the belief is, if we behave as if it’s over, then it will be over.

“I don’t get that. That seems to be almost psychopathic in its in silliness, in its dangerousness.”


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