From Posture Correctors To Pot Lid Holders, Here’s What You Bought In January

You’ve got great taste — and so do your fellow HuffPost shoppers.
There's nothing I enjoy more than snooping at what you all bought
There's nothing I enjoy more than snooping at what you all bought

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, HuffPost UK may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than being in other people’s business. Whether it’s looking up the value of my neighbour’s home on Zoopla, or listening in on a couple’s argument on the bus and picking who I think is in the wrong, I am a nosy parker through and through.

So, it’s safe to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed trawling through the data, and finding out which products from our January articles were most popular with HuffPost UK readers.

Fancy making sure you haven’t missed out? Check out 25 of the bestselling products bought by shoppers like you this month...

This powerful foaming toilet cleaner was our most frequently purchased product
Not only is the foaming element of this cleaner kind of fun, it's also a great way to ensure your loo is being ~thoroughly~ cleaned. I love that this toilet reaches below the surface of your toilet and tackles light limescale buildup and grime. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it cuts down on your scrubbing time.
And you also loved this pair of non-stick oven liners
They can withstand temperatures of up to 260°C, and you can just remove them and clean them with washing-up liquid when they get a bit grimy. They're dishwasher-safe too, so there's basically no excuse to let your oven reach chip shop levels of grease again.
This heated clothes airer seemed to really impress our shoppers
Costing less than 4p per hour to run, this heated airer is a worthwhile investment if you’re sick of having damp clothes hanging around for days at a time. Super convenient to use and store, it’s got space for up to 10kg of wet laundry, is easy to carry, and collapses completely flat when not in use.
Loads of you kicked off the new year by organising your pot and pan lids
Because it always takes me ages to dig out my pot and pan lids from the back of the cupboard, I bought this bestselling set of four self-adhesive lid holders. They look great on the back of the cupboard door, and have made my life so much easier.
And you used these under-shelf drawers to give bin bag rolls a permanent home
This unique under-cupboard solution will help you maximise all possible space in your kitchen. Easy to install, this clever drawer will make the perfect spot for plastic wrap and bin bags.
These eco-friendly drain cleaning sticks sold really well
Drains are really annoying to clean, so once you've tackled yours, you'll want to put off doing so again for as long as possible. These enzyme-packed sticks slowly dissolve, breaking down whatever's in your drain with them, and leave a nice smell behind 'em too.
Loads of you clearly needed a useful hanger for storing your scarves
Is anyone else guilty of overloading their coat rack with scarves? With eight hoops to work with, this hanger will make it far easier to store them out of the way in a wardrobe or coat cupboard.
These magic eraser sponges can clean practically everything
These magic erasers only need water to work, and can tackle everything from grimy microwaves to ancient crayon marks.
These genius bed sheet clips were added straight into many baskets
Hate making the bed? Me too. But these clips will help you keep the pesky bed sheet in place.
This extendable microfibre dusting brush was snapped up by many of our shoppers
Its adjustable telescopic handle means it can reach everything from ceiling corners to mantlepieces, and its machine-washable head is fluffy enough to tackle even the hardest-to-reach dirt.
And we were so surprised by how popular these electric toothbrush holders were
If you’ve got an electric toothbrush, then you’ll know all too well how annoying it is that they leave behind that horrid grimy on your sink — but also don’t fit in most regular toothbrush pots. This pair of self-adhesive mounts will completely solve this problem.
This handy sock drying rack was an instant buy for loads of you
Allowing for far better air circulation — and also ensuring you’re not unnecessarily taking up any precious clothes horse space – this octopus hanger is a far more space-saving solution for anyone looking to dry their underwear as quickly as possible.
This bottle of eco-friendly all purpose spray smells of peach blossom
Great for the environment and your home, this non-toxic spray will help you keep your surfaces clean — and leave behind a gorgeous natural scent.
This dehumidifier bag absorbs moisture and condensation in the car
It attracts the moisture in the air to keep it away from your windows and prevent them from fogging up. My coworker used hers continually for over a month before she had to 'reset' it in the microwave for the first
This powerful spray removes any stains from a mattress
With no scrubbing necessary, this impressive spray is capable of removing any and all touch organic stains from a mattress — whether they’re fresh or dried-in.
When it came to skincare, these hydrocolloid spot patches came out on top
Rather than squeezing at a tiny spot so much that it ends up morphing into a far more obvious and angry red bump, cover it with these hydrocolloid patches that help hide them while also healing them.
And the top make-up purchase was this cult favourite poreless primer
This poreless putty primer from e.l.f will smooth over any imperfections in the skin, while providing a hydrated base for your makeup.
Loads of you loved this cover for a heated clothes airer
Want your heated airer to work even harder? Designed to fit a winged airer, this cover will ensure that all heat is retained, and therefore your clothes will dry even quicker.
This bestselling carpet stain remover can tackle even red wine spills
This deep cleaning carpet stain remover from Dr Beckman really is one of those products that once you try, you'll wonder how you lived without it. It's super easy to use and works to blast deep set stains out.
Our shoppers loved this no-rinse shower cleaner smells of passion fruit
No need to scrub at the shower if you've got this fabulous spray. Simply spray it onto your wet unit, and let it get to work.
And you were tackling your grimy grouting with this powerful spray
But if you need something a little more heavy-duty, then go for this brilliant formula that'll leave even the grimiest grouting bright and gleaming.
This adjustable measuring spoon can now be found in loads of your cutlery drawers
To avoid constantly having to root around in my cutlery drawer for the right sized measuring spoon, I bought this clever adjustable one instead. It’s suitable for both wet and dry ingredients, and you simply slide the handle to adjust the measurement.
These silicone countertop covers stop food getting trapped down any gaps
You can trim these strips to fit the width of your countertops, and because they're heat-resistant up to 230°C, you won't have to worry about them getting burned either. The material is waterproof and stain-resistant – you can wipe these down when those inevitable spills happen.
This hairbrush cleaning brush went in loads of your baskets
It’s only when someone asks to borrow my airbrush that I suddenly realise how desperately it needs to be cleaned. A three-in-one tool, this cleaning brush has a pointed tip for raking out hair, stiff bristles for firmly removing it, and smaller bristles for getting dust and dirt out of trickier spots.
Loads of you must have bad backs, because these posture correctors sold really well
Anyone else guilty of sitting in a proper slump when they’re working? Within fourteen days, this highly-rated brace will supposedly drastically improve your posture, and leave you with far less back pain. Plus, reviewers say that it’s totally undetectable under clothes, and that once you’ve gotten used to it, it’s perfectly comfortable to wear over longer periods of time.