17 Ways To Transform Your Tired And Grotty Bathroom Into A Place You Actually Want To Spend Time

If your showering space is in need of some TLC, here's some cheap and easy tricks to freshen it up.
Turning your bathroom into a sanctuary
Turning your bathroom into a sanctuary

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If you feel like you can’t get out of your bathroom quick enough, then it might be in need of some TLC.

As we dreamily think of long spa-like soaks and treating ourselves to a pamper, the reality is the not-so-glamorous tasks such as descaling our shower heads, scrubbing away black mould and emptying the grim build-up of water at the bottom of your toothbrush holder.

So, whether your windowless bathroom desperately needs brightening up, your grout needs a new lease of life, or you’re looking for a few finishing touches, we’ve found a bunch of items to help you spruce up (and keep on top of) your showering space.

No more leaving your electric toothbrush on the side of the sink with this wall accessory
Our electric toothbrushes can leave our sinks feeling cluttered and overcrowded, but with this holder you can keep yours out of the way by sticking it to the wall. This tidy design includes a bottom hole to keep your toothbrush dry and away from humidity. No need for nails, simply just use its adhesive back.
Give your grout a new lease of life with this pen
Tired of grubby-looking grout? This pen might just be the answer as it works to refresh, restore, and whiten discoloured old grout joints, whilst repelling any reappearing mould. Drying down in just 60 minutes after applying, you can be taking showers again in no time.
Relax in a mould-free bathroom with this must-have spray
With bathrooms being a hub for moisture, this spray is a must-have in order to keep your sanctuary free from growing mould. Removing stains from walls, tiles, silicone seals, and windows, whilst also keeping it at bay from re-growing, just spritz this product directly onto affected areas and leave for 30 minutes before wiping off.
This bath mat is a treat for your feet
This plush bath mat will have you stepping out in style, with its thick material quickly absorbing the dripping water whilst its anti-slip design is kind on your feet. You can also wash this time and time again without it losing its bouncy comfort.
Bring the outside in with this disinfectant spray
Hailed as a hero cleaning product, this disinfectant spray gets rid of any bad smells whilst also killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Other than breathing in fresh mountain air every time you walk into the bathroom, you can also use this mist on surfaces before buffing away with a microfibre cloth, revealing a streak-free shine.
Not a fan of your floors? You can change it up with these semi-permanent tiles
Whether you’re trialling out a new style of décor or renting and can’t make any permanent changes, this pack of 10 peel and stick floor tiles makes it super easy to switch up your flooring. With no tools needed to install them, simply peel off the sticky adhesive back and press them onto the existing floor. Just like regular flooring, these water-resistant and washable tiles are prepared for any spillages.
This limescale remover should be at the top of your bathroom cleaning wishlist
Can you not get on top of limescale? This highly concentrated foam formula removes scale and dirt after five minutes, restoring your shower heads and surfaces to as good as new. You can use it safely across showers, toilets, and sink areas, making it a bathroom upkeep staple.
Unlock more shower storage with these corner caddies
It’s time to pick up those bottles from your shower floor and give them a new home. Organise your go-to products, from your body wash to loofah, on this easy-drying, neat shower caddy. Ready to hold up to 18kg, there’s no need to awkwardly bend down and grab your shampoo when you can now just grab it off of the rack.
Say hello to a fresh loo with these cleaning fizz tabs
Cleaning your toilet has never been easier than with these easy and fast-acting tabs. Simply pop one into your toilet and leave overnight whilst they target the most common problems that even a brush can’t reach, from stubborn dirt and limescale to bad odours and discolouration.
Fill this handy storage box with your daily bathroom staples
Do you find the odd cleaning product or shower gel bottle lying around your bathroom but can’t find a place for them to be kept out of the way? Well, this small but roomy storage box is ideal to be slotted into your bathroom’s small spaces and filled with your daily essentials.
Keep your shower shining with this hassle-free plant-based spray
Want to keep your shower clean without all the fuss? Forget your cloths and sponges because this non-toxic mist does all the work for you. Just spray after showering and watch it dissolve, helping to prevent soap scum without the streaks or stains.
Dress up your bathroom with these air-purifying plants
If you’re looking to add a touch of greenery to your bathroom, why not choose plants that purify the air around you at the same time? This house plant trio not only looks great but also works to remove toxins and transform them into cleaner air for you to breathe.
Forget a flooding shower tray, this plughole buster unblocks your drains in one use
Getting the hair out of your plug can be an unpleasant task, to say the least, but this drain shot helps unblock build-up. Targeting any blockage inside your bathroom pipes in 15 minutes, this drain buster dissolves hair and sludge to keep the water flowing freely.
Get organised (and matching) with this six piece bathroom accessory set
Bringing your bathroom to life, these six matching accessories will keep everything neat and tidy. Setting you up with a soap dispenser and dish, toothbrush holder, rinse cup, toilet brush and holder, and a four litre bin – what more could you possibly need?
Get ahead of the moisture with this dehumidifier
Beat the damp – and its musty odour – with this moisture-absorbing dehumidifier. Watch as this handy gadget collects excess moisture, whilst improving your bathroom’s air circulation – ideal for those with small or no windows. Don’t stress when the water tank is full, you can also buy a range of scented refill tabs.
This modern rail lets you neatly store your towels
Towels can take up so much room, but this minimalist storage rack will let you use the extra space to your advantage. Tightly roll up your towels and place them into the compact wall rail, ready for you to grab. Plus, the two flexible hooks make the perfect space to hang the towels that you are using.
Upgrade your wall décor with this wavy mirror
How expensive does this mirror look? This affordable wall decoration is the finishing touch to dressing up your bathroom. Place this wavy frameless mirror above your sink, with the self-adhesive tape, for a soft yet stylish aesthetic.