Jeb Bush Is Jimmy Kimmel's Driver In Emmys Opening Sketch

'Jeb exclamation point!'

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the Emmy Awards this weekend, and he recruited an old friend who’s “in between jobs” at the moment to help out in his opening sketch.

Yes, former Republican presidential candidate and former Florida governor Jeb Bush played a role in Jimmy’s skit at the start of the Emmys. He played fictional president Selina Meyer’s driver, and poked some fun at himself.

Talking about Kimmel’s nomination for an Emmy Award, Jeb assures him: “If you run a positive campaign, the voters ultimately will make the right choice.”

But when he doesn’t see the sarcasm on Bush’s motionless face, Jeb clarifies “Jimmy, that was a joke,” before chanting “Jeb exclamation point!” and speeding off.

In addition to George W. Bush’s little brother and ‘Veep’ star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, other big names featured in the five minute clip include James Corden, Emilia Clarke, the cast of ‘Modern Family’ and ‘People v. O.J. Simpson’ star Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

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