Jennifer Aniston’s Reaction To Wearing The Same Suit As Harry Styles Is Just Perfect

And it isn’t the first time the two stars have been fashion twinnies.

Not only are Jennifer Aniston and Harry Styles both bona fide fashion icons, it seems they have similar taste too.

The two stars have sent fans wild after they clocked that the trouser suit Jen is wearing in her recent InStyle magazine photoshoot is the same Gucci number that Harry wore to this year’s Brit Awards.

After writer Evan Ross Katz shared a split photo of Jennifer and Harry wearing the colourblock suit on Instagram, the Friends star reposted the pic to her Instagram Story.

Harry Styles and Jennifer Aniston
Harry Styles and Jennifer Aniston

“Just call me Harriet Styles,” she captioned it.

The best bit is that this isn’t the first time that Jen and Harry have been spotted in the same outfit.

The former One Direction singer has also previously worn the same white ‘Save the Drama for Your Mama’ t-shirt that Jennifer’s Friends character Rachel Green famously wore in season 10 of the hit sitcom.

Jennifer Aniston and Harry Styles
Jennifer Aniston and Harry Styles

Well, Style by name…

In her interview with InStyle, Jen talked walking the red carpet, specifically praising Jennifer Lopez, saying she believes the singer has mastered the art.

The actor discussed the difficulties of nailing down red carpet poses, saying that she believes J-Lo handles the task perfectly.

Jennifer explained that stylists often give direction on what to do, and what not to do, at red carpet events and that sometimes balancing those instructions “feels weird.”


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