Jeremy Corbyn And Donald Trump Are Remarkably Similar

The similarities are uncanny.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn recently said he wouldn’t use military force if one of the United Kingdom’s Nato allies was besieged, echoing similar sentiments uttered by US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Although their reasons were different, this led people to compare the two political powerhouses and realise how similar they actually are.

Both refuse to go to war to protect our Nato allies


In July, Trump said America protecting its Nato allies would require the other countries to “pay their fair share,” suggesting he would want monetary compensation for helping besieged countries fend off their attackers. Corbyn, meanwhile, would not take action because he is a strongly committed pacifist.

Both are having trouble with the press

The Independent/Politico

Donald Trump currently has a list of news outlets he won’t deal with due to “biased” reporting, and has been known to treat other journalists with disdain.

Corbyn, meanwhile, has refused to take part in televised debate with his party leadership rival because he considers them biased against him. These include The Guardian, The Mirror and Channel Four.

Everyone thought they wouldn’t win but both ended up leading their parties


When Donald Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, it was a big joke. Everyone thought it was ridiculous, and political commentators, party big wigs and people on the street thought he would never actually make it. Lo and behold, he has.

Corbyn was similarly underestimated during his run for the Labour leadership, but look where he is now.

Both have been in trouble with the law

The Hill/AP

Due to his extensive business dealings, Trump has been involved in over 3,500 lawsuits. Jeremy Corbyn has also had run-ins with the law due to his political activism.

Both like to wear silly hats


Look at those hats. They’re so silly.

Both are oddly sexualised by some voters


Trump has been imagined naked in several pieces of artwork throughout the last year, and Jeremy Corbyn was subject to extensive sexual interest by a Twitter account called ‘Sexy Jezza’.

They both don’t get on well with their political parties


The Republican party isn’t too happy with Donald Trump, and they haven’t been afraid to show it. As it became clear he could win the public vote, many big wigs within the party were clearly displeased and even considered attempts to oust him. Similarly, Jeremy Corbyn has been the subject of derision from within his ranks recently which led to a “coup” within the party and the current leadership contest.

They both tweet silly things


Donald Trump is so fast and loose with his tiny Twitter fingers, his campaign managers allegedly began attempting to scale back his access to his account. But, the drivel still gets out.

We always see pictures of them both travelling


The Donald loves to show off his private jet, meanwhile we regularly see Jeremy Corbyn on trains, night buses and riding his bike.

Both have quite big problems choosing their Cabinets

Sky News/Fortune

A possible Trump Cabinet has been the subject of much discussion in political circles, but nobody is quite sure who he’d pick as he’s not too fond of politicians. He even said he might give a top job to his daughter Ivanka.

The trouble for Corbyn comes from mass resignations, lack of support and bad publicity for dropping the Shadow Minister for Mental Health position.