20/05/2016 10:18 BST

Jeremy Corbyn Cardboard Box Event Dupes Labour Party Activists

'..the cardboard box decided it wanted to be you.'

A student who duped Labour activists with a cardboard Jeremy Corbyn has faced a fierce backlash from a furious MP.

Lucie Carter, a fine art student at Lancaster University, advertised the event using the Labour leader's name and soon attracted the attention of "dozens" of party members, The Mirror reported.

Local Labour MP Cat Smith blasted the student after receiving calls from angry party members. "I didn't need my office inundated with this," she said.

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The 'object oriented ontology' project aimed to bring out 'radical expression'

Smith, a key Corbyn ally, said that she had reported the student to senior university managers before receiving confirmation the event had been taken down.

On Twitter the MP told the student: "Take the event down now. It's deception, a breach of ethics and taking up my time."

Cat Smith MP
Cat Smith, Labour MP for Lancaster, was incensed by the stunt

Smith told the Mirror: "People turned up at the event, Labour supporters and party members.

"They paid for parking and childcare, time off work, incurred an expense for an event that wasn't happening."

Carter's installation featured a cardboard box with Corbyn on the side.

It was part of an "object oriented ontology" project aiming to bring about "radical expression through the element of play," she said.

And in a bizarre appeal to Corbyn's Twitter account, the student wrote: "I'm putting a cardboard box with your name on in a room because the cardboard box decided it wanted to be you."

Last night, the 20-year-old said she intended to dupe people - and that was the aim all along.

"The event didn't backfire. It was a fake event intended to be discovered as a hoax," Carter wrote on Facebook.