Jeremy Corbyn Emojis Are Here And They're Godawful

How do you do, fellow kids?

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was recently criticised for being out of touch with younger generations because he failed to identify a picture of Ant and Dec.

To combat this, his election team seem to have attempted to regain connections with the youth.

They’ve released a set of “limited edition” Jeremy Corbyn emojis, which you can gain access to by checking you’re eligible to vote in Labour’s upcoming leadership election.


People who check their eligibility on the Jeremy For Labour website and sign up to their newsletter will be sent access to the emojis “before general release”.

Bearing in mind they’ve included a marrow emoji, which bears striking resemblance to the emoji people currently use to denote a penis or erection, we can’t see this going very well.

We’ll see how well this cheap attempt to connect with millennials fairs for Jezza when the Labour leadership results are announced on Saturday 24 September in Liverpool.