06/04/2017 19:10 BST

Jeremy Corbyn Shows Theresa May How It's Done With Photos With School Kids

He makes his cake and eats it too.

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Jeremy Corbyn has won the most elusive of political victories: to be photographed looking comfortable alongside school children.

The Conservatives may be enjoying a huge poll lead over Labour but memories of Theresa May’s visit to a Cumbria primary school earlier this year remain fresh.

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Theresa May sits with year six pupils during a visit to Captain Shaw's Primary School in Bootle, Cumbria during the Copeland by-election campaign
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PA Wire/PA Images

On Thursday, Corbyn and his Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner had a cooking lesson at a children’s holiday club at The Leyland Project in Lancashire. The project uses cookery as an activity for families who rely on free school meals in term time and struggle to cover the extra cost of feeding their kids in the holidays.”

They were promoting Labour’s policy to give state primary school children free meals by introducing VAT on private school fees.

As photographers waited for a slip-up, Corbyn helped the children make cakes.

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Press Association

On the evidence of the pictures, the slip-up didn’t come.

Anthony Devlin via Getty Images
Corbyn with with Lilly Cox (L) and McKenzie Fitzgerald

Corbyn even regaled the kids with stories of making his jam thanks to his allotment in Islington.

He also received a gift from one of the children.

Anthony Devlin via Getty Images
Corbyn is given a loom band by seven-year-old Zofia Bylinski-Gelded

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