Jeremy Corbyn Told To Resign By Labour Members At London Pride, Criticised By Peer Lord Collins

Supporters were seriously angry at his EU campaigning efforts.
Corbyn shown in video footage as he is confronted by hecklers
Corbyn shown in video footage as he is confronted by hecklers

Jeremy Corbyn has been heckled by Labour members at the London Pride parade.

The Labour leader, who is looks set to face a challenge for the top job by other MPs, was confronted by angry supporters on Saturday who accused him of not campaigning hard enough for an EU 'Remain' vote.

They told Corbyn this week's Brexit win was "your fault" as he talked to activists at the annual LGBT Pride celebrations.

Video of the event shows several angry party members accusing Corbyn of "not getting out the vote" in traditionally more Labour regions.

Tom Mauchline, one of those who addressed Corbyn today, asked him when he was going to resign.

A shadow foreign office minister and former general secretary of the Labour party Lord Collins reported that Corbyn soon after left the LGBT Labour pride contingent "without talking to members".

Lord Collins said he was left "dissapointed" by the move.

The Labour peer posted after, with a link to Mauchline's video, saying that people had "really wanted to talk".

He advised Corbyn: "Not the time to walk away."

Earlier in the day Corbyn had been delivering a speech on Brexit and the ramifications for Britain.

Asked at the event about a plot to unseat him as leader, he vowed to run in any Labour leadership contest should MPs try to force him out.

Yesterday a senior Labour MP tabled a motion of no confidence in Corbyn following the referendum vote to leave the EU.

Asked today whether he would stand again, he said: “Yes, I’m here.”


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