05/09/2018 13:56 BST

Jeremy Corbyn Makes Fun Of Theresa May For 'Dancing' Around Brexit Problems

PM laughs at Labour leader's joke.

Jeremy Corbyn has made fun of Theresa May for “dancing round all the issues” on Brexit.

Footage of the prime minister dancing with children was the most noticed part of her recent trip to Africa.

Speaking during the first PMQs since the summer holiday, Corbyn highlighted divisions within the Conservative Party over the government’s Brexit plan.

“The Chequers proposal is dead already – ripped apart by her own MPs,” he said.

May laughed as Corbyn told her: “She can’t keep dancing round all the issues.”

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The Labour leader said the prime minister had to scrap her Chequers agreement and come up with a plan that “survives contact with her Cabinet and reality”.

May said she was “negotiating a Brexit deal that will deliver for this country” and accused Corbyn of constantly sending mixed messages about Labour’s proposals.

“He can’t even agree with himself on his own position,” she said. “We will not have a second referendum. He should stand up and rule out a second referendum.”

May faces opposition to her preferred Brexit proposal from both pro-Leave and pro-Remain Tory MPs.

While Corbyn is under increasing pressure from backbench Labour MPs and unions to throw his weight behind a public vote on the final Brexit deal. 

Andy Burnham, the Labour mayor of Manchester,  this morning said he would support a second referendum as a last resort to prevent a no deal Brexit, even though it would risk deepening divisions and further erode trust in politicians.

The former Labour leadership candidate had last week said demands for a referendum were “arrogant”.