26/02/2017 18:15 GMT

5 Times Jeremy Corbyn Lost It With The Media

Labour leader's just snarled at Sky News.

Sky News

Jeremy Corbyn has had a mixed relationship with the media, and today snapped at Sky News’s Lewis Goodall when asked repeatedly whether he would lead the Labour Party come the general election in three years.

Here’s that exchange and four other flashpoints with journalists.

  • 1 "I've given you a very, very clear answer."
    Sky News
    Following Labour's humiliating defeat in the Copeland by-election, Corbyn's leadership is under pressure.

    After answering two Sky News questions about whether he will remain leader at the 2020 election, a third more direct question was too much.

    "I've given you a very, very clear answer," he snarled.
  • 2 "We're being harassed here."
    ITV News
    Last year, Corbyn accused ITV News reporter Libby Wiener of “harassment” after she attempted to ask him if he supported calls for an early general election after a High Court ruling that MPs must be consulted on Brexit. 

    As an aide tried to block the camera, Corbyn asked his team: “Can we go outside? We’re being harassed here.”
  • 3 *Silence*
    Sky News
    Corbyn refused to answer questions from Sky News reporter  Darren McCaffrey for around two minutes as he was trailled down the streeet in Westminster.  

    He was being asked why there were so few women in his new-look Shadow Cabinet, but it almost feels like arthouse cinema.
  • 4 "Can we move on, we're discussing the NHS today."
    Sky News
    Corbyn reacts tetchily to questions about his spat with Virgin Trains boss Sir Richard Branson after a row about whether the Labour leader was forced to sit down on a train or not.

    Corbyn wanted to discuss the NHS instead: "Can we move on, we're discussing the NHS today."
  • 5 "Put it away please."
    Corbyn was pressed for comments on then Prime Minister David Cameron's tax affairs by LBC Radio’s Charlotte Wright.

    The Labour leader, who had called for an investigation into the affair, was not willing to go further.

    “Good morning everybody. Thank you for coming here. I don’t do interviews of any circumstances,” he said.

    As Wright tried to ask him a follow up, an irritated Corbyn placed his hand over her microphone and told her to “put it away please”.