Jeremy Corbyn Plummets In Polls As Theresa May Surges Ahead Of Labour Leadership Election

The one thing people think he is is honest.
<strong>Jeremy Corbyn trailed far behind Theresa May in the newest opinion poll</strong>
Jeremy Corbyn trailed far behind Theresa May in the newest opinion poll
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Jeremy Corbyn has been delivered a crushing verdict on his leadership after voters overwhelmingly backed Theresa May on nine out of ten counts in a new poll.

The Labour leader’s ratings for being a “capable leader” and “understanding the problems facing Britain” have sunk dramatically since he first took office a year ago.

Just 18% of those polled said Corbyn was “good in a crisis”, meaning he has fallen five points since the question was asked last year.

May notched up the support of 52% of people.

<strong>Jeremy Corbyn vs Theresa May</strong>
Jeremy Corbyn vs Theresa May
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May bested Corbyn on having sound judgement, being patriotic and was even branded more in touch with ordinary people than her adversary.

Corbyn did trump May on one count - honesty - beating her by a margin of 8%, but the figure was 2 points down on his score in September 2015.

He fell back most heavily on having “a lot of personality” and “a clear vision for Britain” but surged by 12% on being viewed as patriotic. Corbyn was accused of “snubbing” the Queen and dishonouring the war-dead a month after becoming leader last year.

The damning Ipsos MORI survey comes a week after Labour suffered the second largest deficit of any opposition party in the history of opinion polling.

Only in 1998, when William Hague was elected Tory leader a year into Tony Blair’s premiership, was a bigger rift seen - when Labour enjoyed a 25-point lead.

<strong>The poll of polls</strong>
The poll of polls

Labour MP Mike Gapes despaired at the news, writing in a post on Twitter that “This is not a happy anniversary for our party.”

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