Jeremy Corbyn At PMQs: A Not So Brief Guide

OK, it's not that brief.

1) The Debut 09/16/2015

Jeremy Corbyn’s debut was high in innovation but somewhat lacking in the delivery as he promised a “people’s PMQs” with crowd-sourced questions for David Cameron.

And it continued in much the same vein - nice but not particularly interesting.

2) Corbyn Gets Sassy 10/14/2015

A month later and Corbyn was getting into his stride.

3) Cameron’s Cringer 10/21/2015

Cameron has made quite a few decent jokes at the despatch box at Corbyn’s expense but this was not one of them.

Responding to a question about whether Corbyn was wrong to want Britain to get rid of its nuclear weapons, Cameron replied: “Today we are celebrating that great film Back to the Future, I am not surprised that many people sitting behind him say he should get in his Delorean and go back to 1985 and stay there.”

4) Jeremy ‘The Geography Teacher’ Corbyn 10/21/2015


And it went down a treat.

5) Cameron’s Tax Credit Nightmare 10/28/2015

Corbyn repeatedly pressed Cameron over the impact of tax credit cuts. Cameron was cagey to say the least.

And it didn’t get any better for poor Dave.

6) The Nightmare Before Christmas 12/16/2015

Bizarre scenes in the Commons as Cameron and Corbyn argued over how to wish someone a happy Christmas.

The Labour leader began his first question Speaker John Bercow “all members of the House and all staff here, and Major Tim Peake, who’s not on the planet at this time a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year.”

His salutation to Tim Peake, the first British-funded astronaut in space, was met by laughter from the Conservative benches, with one MP quipping that the Labour leader was also “not on the planet”.

The Prime Minster began his answer to Corbyn’s question on bed blocking in NHS hospitals by passing on his good wishes.

He said: “Let me join the Right Honorable Gentleman and let me be very clear that I don’t want to wish him the season’s greetings, I want a full happy Christmas for the Right Honorable Gentleman and everyone in the House.”

A bemused Mr Corbyn replied by saying: “Just for the record, I did say Happy Christmas. Maybe the Prime Minister wasn’t listening at the time.”

7) The Post-Reshuffle Trial by PMQs 01/06/2016

The first PMQs of 2016 was a real toughie for Corbyn.

The Labour Party was reeling from a three day ordeal in which Jeremy Corbyn relentlessly slashed his shadow cabinet and was faced with a wave of resignations, one of which was just minutes before PMQs started and it happened live on the Daily Politics.

And the mood on the Labour benches was... well...

Cameron could easily have scored a home run but instead he did this.

8) ‘Your Mum’ 02/24/2016

A day that will live on in infamy, when the elected leaders of the two main UK political parties descended into “your mum” banter.

9) The Footy Jibe 05/04/2016

To laughter in the Commons, Corbyn said: “I join the Prime Minister in congratulating Leicester City on their amazing achievement. I hope it’s not an indication he’s going to support another football team, or is he going to stick with the two he’s got already?”

Cameron has claimed to be an Aston Villa fan, but last year he bizarrely said “I’d rather you supported West Ham” during a press conference – a mistake he later blamed on “brain fade”.

10) Cameron Bows Out 07/13/2016

In a post-EU referendum world, Labour’s implosion provided Cameron with plenty of ammo even though Corbyn tried to be nice.

The first shot fired...

And the second. Oof.

11) Say Hello To Theresa May 07/20/2016

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