27/03/2019 16:49 GMT | Updated 28/03/2019 09:14 GMT

Jeremy Corbyn Has Been Brexercising Like An Absolute Demon, Apparently

Sources close to the Labour leader insist he is in better shape than ever, amid rumours of ill health.

Brexit is exhausting – ask any MP or politics reporter you see struggling to keep their eyes open after an arduous day in Westminster.

But it has emerged that Jeremy Corbyn apparently has so much energy left over at the end of the day that the wannabe PM needs to run it off. 

A Labour source revealed on Wednesday that the party leader – who turns 70 in May – does “multiple” runs each week to keep fit, with his routes ranging between 5km and 7km.

“He is very active,” they said. “He does go on runs regularly and takes a whole series of other forms of exercise.

“He’s a very keen cyclist, a very keen runner, he does go to the gym, he goes to his allotment.”

Meanwhile Corbyn, who has been leader of the opposition since 2015, keeps himself in shape on the campaign trail by climbing stairs instead of getting the lift.

Peter Nicholls / Reuters

The insight into Corbyn’s sporting prowess comes amid rumours about the Labour leader’s health in recent weeks – but loyalists have insisted he is fitter than ever.

But he’s not the only MP known for a love of working up a sweat.

While former foreign secretary Boris Johnson is regularly spotted pounding the pavement (often followed by a flock of journalists), Commons speaker John Bercow is an enthusiastic tennis fan, having paired up with David Cameron – before he was prime minister – to play doubles in the Commons tennis team.

And the women’s parliamentary football team took their combined love of politics and the beautiful game one step further in November, showing off their keepy-uppy skills in the Commons.

Last but not least, while Theresa May hasn’t been snapped on her way to hot yoga in SW1, the prime minister was filmed playing snooker with Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte. (She was not a natural.)