Jeremy Corbyn's Popularity Surge Spelled Out By Latest Good Morning Britain Poll

A month is a long time in politics.

A poll has spelled out how Jeremy Corbyn has seen a surge in the number of people who think he would be the best prime minister.

The proportion of people saying the Labour leader would make a better prime minister than Theresa May went from 21% to 36% in a month, the Survation poll for Good Morning Britain (GMB) found.

<strong>Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail</strong>
Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail
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The shifting perceptions of Corbyn and May has been a major trend in this election, with the prime minister seeing her personal and party’s poll lead fall from the huge double-digit lead it commanded when she called the election in April.

While Corbyn’s is still far behind May, whom 50% of people thought would make a better prime minister, her rating has fallen by 10% in the same time in Survation’s GMB polls.

The Tories’ lead over Labour has shrunk from 17% to just 1% in a month, the latest poll also found.

<strong>Theresa May has sought to emphasise her personal leadership in this campaign</strong>
Theresa May has sought to emphasise her personal leadership in this campaign
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The poll - conducted on June 2 and 3 - found 41.5% of respondents would vote Tory while 40.4% would vote Labour.

Survation’s first poll for GMB - carried out in early May - found 47% would vote Tory, compared to just 30% for Labour.

Despite May’s and Corbyn’s shifting popularity, 64% of respondents in Survation’s latest poll still expect the Tories to win a majority.

But 51% of people think Labour has had the best campaign, including 30% of Conservative voters. Only 23% think the Tories have had the best campaign.

Survation’s latest poll also showed that 6% of people would vote for the Lib Dems, 3% for Ukip and 9% said other parties.