27/08/2016 17:03 BST | Updated 27/08/2016 17:05 BST

Jeremy Corbyn Train Seat Row Reignited By Hornby's New Virgin Model Tease

Some people are taking the joke far too seriously, though.

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Corbyn was teased by the model train company

The row brewing over ‘Traingate’ has been reignited by a model train company that mocked Jeremy Corbyn with an announcement of their latest product.

Hornby, a British model railway brand, poked fun at the Labour leader after he became embroiled in controversy for sitting in a seat on a train he had originally sat on the floor of claiming it was “ram-packed”.

The company published a post declaring it would release a new Virgin East Coast Train Pack, featuring a finely-crafted model and promised it would be “complete with many empty seats”.

But the joke seemed to be lost on genuine train enthusiasts, who keenly lapped up the announcement.

But it didn’t fail to win plaudits from others for its attempt to get in on the gag,

But of course there was one predictable criticism:

Corbyn’s account of how he came to be sitting in a seat on a train he said was so overcrowded he was forced to sit on the floor has changed significantly.

In the 24 hours since CCTV footage first emerged showing him perched in a seat, his leadership campaign team have issued a number of explanations - changing their mind multiple times.