31/05/2017 11:03 BST | Updated 31/05/2017 11:11 BST

Jeremy Corbyn's BAME Poster Mocked By Conservative Politicians

'Could he be any more patronising?'

Jeremy Corbyn has been criticised by ethnic minority Conservative politicians after the Labour leader said that only his party “can be trusted to unlock” BAME talent.

In a poster, which Corbyn tweeted an image of on Tuesday, he said: “Only Labour can be trusted to unlock the talent of black, Asian and minority ethnic people, who have been held back by the Conservatives. 

“We will guarantee equality is at the heart of our programme for government.”

Tory politicians criticised the Labour leader’s claim. 

Sajid Javid sarcastically thanked Corbyn and James Cleverly asked: “Could he be anymore patronising?”

Cleverly posted a series of pictures of Tory politicians “waiting for our potential to be unlocked by Jeremy Corbyn”:

The poster also sparked confusion and derision amongst BAME voters and political commentators: