Jeremy Vine Apologises As Unfortunate Song Choice After Radio 2 Discussion Raises Eyebrows

Thankfully, the presenter's listeners saw the funny side.
Jeremy Vine
Jeremy Vine
BBC/Ray Burmiston

Jeremy Vine has taken the blame and apologised after an unfortunate song choice on his Radio 2 show raised eyebrows.

The presenter hosts a daily current affairs programme on the station, which sees him speak to experts and members of the public about the biggest trending news stories.

This week, the sudden closure of more than 100 schools in the UK amid concrete safety fears has been dominating conversations, including those on Jeremy’s show.

On Monday’s programme, Jeremy read out a message from a listener on the topic, and then swiftly hit play on Beyoncé’s hit track Halo.

If you’re wondering what’s so bad about that, it’s probably worth reminding yourself that the ballad opens with the lines: “Remember those walls I built? Well, baby, they’re tumblin’ down.”

Oh dear.

The moment went viral on social media, racking up millions of plays, and Jeremy has now insisted the blunder was “on him”.

“Apologies everyone,” he added in a brief post on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Thankfully, plenty of listeners saw the funny side:

And in a move that will hopefully make Jeremy feel a bit better, another Radio 2 listener shared a “clanger” dropped on the station recently:

See Jeremy, it really could have been worse.

The TV presenter has been part of the Radio 2 family since 2003, when he took over the lunchtime show.

He’s also fronted Eggheads since 2008 and hosts his own morning current affairs show on Channel 5, in the slot previously held by Matthew Wright.


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