OSCARS 2017: Jimmy Kimmel Tweets Donald Trump Live From Ceremony, Asking 'Are You Up?'

Trump had said he wouldn't be watching.

In what we thought was going to be undoubtedly the most surreal moment during the 89th Academy Awards, the host live-tweeted the President of The United States to ask him if he was up.

The Oscars had been full of strange moments when stars took the opportunity of a global platform to variously mock, slam or collectively eye-roll the current leader of the western world.

However, part of the fun of Trump-taunting is clearly hoping to poke the sleeping dragon, and incite a tweet IN CAPITAL LETTERS, something that wasn’t forthcoming, as Trump had stated previously he would be attending a dinner in Washington and NOT turning on the television.

This clearly tickled Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel, who took the opportunity to tweet Trump from the ceremony, live on air.

Jimmy’s tweet had been retweeted nearly 200,000 times within half an hour, but sadly, no response from the White House as yet.

It wasn’t the only curveball during a ceremony notable for some brand new elements.

First, Jimmy introduced a Hollywood tour bus party into the auditorium, much to their initial confusion and later euphoria, as they realised they were actually at the Oscars.

And then, just in case the night wasn’t relaxed enough, he presented a segment on stars reading out mean tweets about themselves, with Tilda Swinton’s one worth the price of admission alone.

And finally came... the envelope.


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