Joanna Page Reveals 'Utterly Traumatic' Experience Of Watching Love Actually With Her Parents

"I’ve only ever seen it that one time."

Love Actually star Joanna Page has admitted she had an “utterly traumatic” experience watching the film with her parents.

The Gavin & Stacey actor played as Judy the 2003 festive rom-com, and appeared in the nude in a scene where her character – who was also an actor – filmed X-rated moment with Martin Freeman’s character John.

Joanna reflected on making Love Actually during an interview on Loose Women on Tuesday, in which she revealed she’d “only ever seen it once” – and that time proved to be rather memorable, for the wrong reasons.

Explaining that she introduced the film and saw it the Cardiff Film Festival, having previously missed the premiere, Joanna said: “I got up, introduced it, sat down in the front row, next to my then boyfriend and my parents, and then watched the film. And it was utterly traumatic!”

“Because I don’t like watching myself at the best of times, and then also I don’t particularly like watching myself naked on cinema screens, so it was really, really weird.’

“But I’ve only ever seen it that one time,” Joanna said.

Martin Freeman and Joanna Page in Love Actually
Martin Freeman and Joanna Page in Love Actually

“Aside from sometimes, at Christmas time you catch snippets and bits on the telly, and it’s those bits i see, but I never know if I’m in it then or not.

“Because if it’s on in the afternoon I’m like, well, was I in that one or was I not in that one, because they’ve sometimes got to censor it.”

However, Joanna admitted her parents loved the film, and still regularly watch it.

She said: “My parents adore it. [They watch it] every year. They say it’s not Christmas until they’ve seen Love Actually. Which makes me laugh because, ‘It’s not Christmas until we’ve seen our little girl up on the screen naked!’”

Joanna Page on Loose Women
Joanna Page on Loose Women
Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

Richard Curtis – who wrote and directed the 2003 film – previously revealed he’d actually change the scene in question if he could make it again.

“I think the naked people should be wearing more clothes,” he told NME in 2019.

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