Emma Thompson Explains Why She Never Watches Love Actually At Christmas

The actor, who played heartbroken Karen in the 2003 festive classic, has revealed she doesn’t have the best memories of making the film.

It might be one of the most beloved Christmas films of all time, but Emma Thompson won’t be settling down with a tin of Roses on her lap to watch Love Actually this Christmas.

The British actor, who played the heartbroken Karen in the 2003 festive classic, has revealed she doesn’t actually have the best memories of making the film.

During an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s US chat show, Emma was asked by the host if she ever watches the movie.

“No! It was 20 years ago,” Emma told him.

Jimmy then asked: “Isn’t it kind of fun to put it on and go, ‘Oh, I remember where we were when we were doing that?’”

Not so, according to Emma.

Emma Thompson in Love Actually
Emma Thompson in Love Actually
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“Not really. You just think… I don’t think I was very well paid for that and there was that terrible trailer with the loo that really stank, Emma recalled.

“These are the things that you remember,” she added.

Emma’s storyline, which sees her discover that her husband (Alan Rickman) is attracted to his younger secretary, is widely regarded as the film’s most heartbreaking by viewers.

Last month, Emma and her Love Actually cast members including Bill Nighy, Laura Linney and Hugh Grant regrouped to take a trip down memory lane for a US television special.

During the anniversary special, Emma recalled the first time that she and Hugh watched the finished version of the festive film.

Hugh’s response, according to Emma, wasn’t exactly warm and fuzzy.

“Hugh came up behind me as we were walking out and said, ‘Is that the most psychotic thing we’ve ever been in?’” Emma remembered.

Hugh then responded sheepishly: “Did I say that?”

Love Actually may be ingrained in the public consciousness, but last year Hugh admitted he is a little less familiar with the details of the 2003 film – revealing he can’t actually remember what happened to his character.


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