31/07/2018 10:28 BST | Updated 31/07/2018 10:39 BST

Joe Biden And Barack Obama Reunite At Bakery In Washington DC

Any excuse to look at those memes again.

There was a time when the White House wasn’t the scene of daily intrigue, scandal and general batshittery – and it wasn’t even that long ago.

Towards the end of the Obama administration the most regular export out of the building was a series of wholesome memes featuring Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

And yesterday, for 45 minutes, the most famous bromance in politics reunited for a spot of lunch at the Dog Tag Bakery in Washington DC.

The bakery is a pretty special place – it runs a “living business school” to provide “education and employment for veterans with disabilities and their spouses”.

Former vice president Biden ordered a “ham and cheese” and “one of those for the boss too” as they milled around and chatted with other customers.

Dog Tag CEO Meghan Ogilvie said if the pair hadn’t once been responsible for running the country “it would seem like two friends coming together to have lunch”.

Obama and Biden praised the work of the bakery and said they’d been aware of “the good work you’ve been doing”. 

Toward the end of their time in the White House, Biden and Obama’s chummy political relationship inspired a surge of memes poking fun at their dynamic

Even Obama got in on the act.

Anyway, let’s be honest – you came here to relive the memes so here’s a whole bunch of them...