Joe Lycett's Ambitious Giant Toilet Stunt Gets Off To A Bit Of A Messy Start

The comedian is currently promoting his new podcast Turdcast which is all about... well, you can probably guess.
Joe Lycett in Liverpool to promote Turdcast
Joe Lycett in Liverpool to promote Turdcast
Richard Martin-Roberts via Getty Images

Joe Lycett has revealed his plans to tour the UK with a giant inflatable toilet got off to an unfortunate start.

The comedian is about to launch his new interview series Turdcast which, as the name suggests, sees him sitting down with a host of celebrity guests to discuss their “most satisfying, horrifying and frankly awful toilet stories”.

Ahead of dropping Turdcast, Joe also announced plans to debut a “giant, inflatable portable toilet” in Liverpool Docks – dubbed “The Turdis” which, we have to concede, is a great name.

He even went as far as inviting members of the public to “spend a penny/drop a plop” (his words, not ours) before being interviewed about the experience for the podcast.

Or, at least, that was the plan. Because, sadly for Joe, that’s not quite how things turned out.

He’s now confirmed that a “mechanical fault occurred” with the public toilet, leading to a “small spillage” and the eventual cancellation of the event.

“This was immediately dealt with by the support team on hand to ensure there was no impact on the water into which the spillage occurred,” a spokesperson said.

Putting a positive spin on things, Joe added: “In a bitter twist of irony, severe wind caused us problems in fully erecting The Turdis.

“I’m relieved to say the spillage was dealt with immediately so that the beautiful waters at the Docks weren’t damaged. Huge thanks to the lovely people of Liverpool who made it down!”

He also wrote on X: “Due to a technical issue with the Turdis we’ve had to cancel the event at Liverpool Albert docks early. Was so lovely to meet the people who came! Really sorry to disappoint those who missed out.”

Despite his toilet stunt going awry, Joe is certainly putting his best foot forward when it comes to his new podcast, with Gary Lineker serving as his inaugural guest.

The first episode of Turdcast is available to listen to from Friday 24 November.


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