The Name Of Joe Lycett's New Podcast Could Not Be Any More Joe Lycett

It does exactly what it says on the tin.
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Joe Lycett has got a new podcast – but, of course, this is not any usual podcast.

The comedian has announced his new audio series that will see celebrities sharing their: “most satisfying, horrifying and frankly awful toilet stories”.

And it’s called, wait for it... Turdcast.


An official synopsis for the podcast reads: “Joe has always been fascinated by the great leveller that is going to the toilet. From King Charles to Gary Barlow, we all need to jump to do a dump, flee to do a wee or grit to do a shit - literally nobody is too hot to squat.

“But we ARE all collectively terrified at the prospect of discussing our toilet habits - that time you got caught short, walked in on your mate or realised the loo roll had run out.

“From bog standards to demon dumps, we all have a toilet story to tell and you’ll now get to hear them all in the number 1 (or number 2) podcast from Mummy. Turdcast will reveal the side (underside?) of your favourite celebrities we don’t get to hear enough about, be it because of their shyness, modesty or downright self-disgust.”

Of the podcast, Joe said: “Famous people are just like you or me - they sometimes find themselves experiencing a blissful quarter of an hour with a novel and a multipack of Cushelle, or flooring it down the M6 in a race against time to find a Welcome Break cubicle.

“Let’s face it, most podcasts are just celebrities talking shit – Turdcast will now make that official.”

Joe Lycett and Gary Lineker on Turdcast
Joe Lycett and Gary Lineker on Turdcast
My Options Were Limited

The first episode of Turdcast will see Joe joined by Gary Lineker, as he recalls the infamous moment he ‘relieved’ himself on the pitch in England’s opening game of the 1990 World Cup in front of hundreds of millions of people.

Joe Lycett’s Turdcast launches on podcast platforms on Friday 24 November.


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