Joel Dommett's 12 Best And Silliest NTAs One-Liners From His First Time As Host

The Masked Singer presenter brought his unapologetically cheesy sense of humour to the annual awards show.

Joel Dommett made his debut as the host of the National Television Awards on Thursday night, and he definitely got the thumbs up from us.

For the past two years on The Masked Singer (and spin-off series The Masked Dancer), the comedian has become known for his irreverent and unapologetically cheesy sense of humor, and that’s exactly what he brought to the NTAs stage.

True, his first time hosting the show probably won’t be winning him any awards for edgy or biting comedy in the near future, but for a night like the NTAs – which, let’s face it, has veered close to dull in previous years – Joel got the tone exactly right.

Here are 12 of our favourite silly moments from Joel during his first time hosting...

Joel Dommett on stage at the 2021 NTAs
Joel Dommett on stage at the 2021 NTAs
Scott Garfitt/Shutterstock

1. Setting the tone right off the bat during a pre-recorded introductory sketch

“Everything’s going to be NTA-OK. Don’t worry I won’t use that on the night.”

2. Introducing the show with a bit of help from the stars of Love Island

“We are here, live in a real room, with real people – how good does it feel? Welcome to the millions of viewers at home, the hundreds here tonight and my one mum... sat with the cast of Love Island. Toby, hands off.”

3. Giving us some very hard-hitting commentary on the pandemic

“It’s been a huge year for soaps… due to everyone washing their hands more. Sales have been through the roof, like Sally in Coronation Street.”

4. To Ricky Gervais in the audience

“I’m not going to make a joke about you because you’re my hero. And, frankly, I’m scared of you.”

5. Welcoming Sir Trevor McDonald to the stage

“His voice is like a fine wine, or for those who don’t drink, a strong squash.”

6 Playing it cool with JLS

“OMG IRL in front of AC-12, it’s only JLS… JLS will be back at The O2 when they’re performing here later in the year. And so will I, when I’m watching them.”

7. Highlighting some of the year’s more racy TV dramas

“After the break we’ll have best Nude Drama. Oh, New Drama. Stick around to see whether Bridgerton, Des, It’s A Sin or Normal People take home the NTA. Although, to be fair, most of those are nude dramas.”

8. Introducing Bear Grylls

“He’s a fearless daredevil... both his names are things I’m scared of.”

9. On the first ever Authored Documentary category

“Coming up, the inaugural award for Authored Documentary. And during the break, I’m going to Google what all those words mean.”

10. After having to hold up child actor Jude Riordan so he could deliver his acceptance speech

“At least that wasn’t the award Beat The Chasers won.”

11. Welcoming the cast of Love Island to the stage

“Four people who are fresh from the villa… I’ve got a text! Oh, it’s from the producer, it says turn your phone off.”

12 And finally...

“Announcing the winners is a very tall order so we ordered a very tall man. It’s Vernon Kay.”


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