12/10/2016 15:16 BST | Updated 12/10/2016 15:18 BST

John Bercow Issues Snipe At Angus MacNeill For Undermining 'Statesman' Potential By Chewing Gum

It was a lively day in the Commons.

An SNP MP today faced a dressing down from John Bercow, after he was spotted by the House of Commons Speaker chewing gum. 

Bercow joked that Angus MacNeill was undermining his potential to become a statesman by acting in a “boisterous” manner. 

The MP was picked on as his colleague, Stephen Gethins, tackled the government on its Brexit strategy as part of an Opposition Day debate on EU withdrawal plans. 

A bemused Bercow intervened in the Opposition Day motion debate on Brexit

“Mr MacNeill, you are an exceptionally boisterous fellow, and in the course of your boisterous behaviour you appear to be chewing some sort of gum,” the Speaker interjected on Wednesday.

“I have great aspirations for you to be a statesman but I think your apprenticeship still has some distance to travel.”