30/12/2020 16:16 GMT

John Bishop 'Flattened' By Covid-19 After Positive Christmas Day Test Result

The comedian and his wife Melanie both contracted coronavirus over the festive period.

John Bishop has said he has been “flattened” by Covid-19 after testing positive for the virus on Christmas Day.

The 54-year-old comedian said both he and his wife Melanie has contracted coronavirus, describing it as “the worst illness I have ever had”. 

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John Bishop

Writing on Twitter, John said they are suffering from a range of symptoms including headaches, nausea and “incredibly chronic fatigue”, despite both being non-smokers and usually fit.

Posting a screenshot of his NHS notification informing him of his positive test, he said: “This came through on Christmas Day. This is the worst illness I have ever had, debilitating headaches, muscle joint and even skin pain, dizziness, nausea, no appetite, incredibly chronic fatigue.

“My wife and I are fit non smokers and it’s flattened us. I don’t wish this on anyone.”

John has been married to Melanie since 1993 and they have three sons.

He isn’t the only star to share his unpleasant experiences of Covid-19.

Former model Linda Lusardi said over the summer that she was still feeling the effects of the disease long after being hospitalised with the virus, while Hugh Grant shared his own Covid story during an interview on US television last month.

Just before Christmas, reality star Kerry Katona also said that she had contracted Covid-19, saying she had “never felt so poorly” in her life.