John McDonnell's Side-Eye Was The Star Of BBC Question Time

But no one can agree if he was brilliant or terrible.

Thursday night’s Question Time was a heated affair with Alastair Campbell and John McDonnell furiously arguing as Anna Soubry threw insults from the sidelines.

The overall consensus was it was a bit of a shambles - albeit a highly entertaining shambles.

But the unsung moment of the night was undoubtedly this..

It was prompted by Quentin Letts’s description of Labour’s opposition of grammar schools.

He said: “I can see why Labour are uneasy about grammar schools, because if you’re brought up doing Latin prep and being stuck into a tight little blazer, you’re less likely to be a socialist.”

It wasn’t the only eyebrow raising comment the theatre critic made.

Earlier on he had compared the grammar schools to the X Factor - only to be shot down by an audience member.

McDonnell’s overall performance was subject to much debate with some thinking he performed brilliantly and was subject to unwarranted attacks...

While others thought he was terrible...

Oh well...