09/06/2017 23:07 BST | Updated 09/06/2017 23:09 BST

Jon Snow Says He, Journalists And Pundits 'Know Nothing' After Mis-Calling General Election

He channels his Game Of Thrones namesake.

Jon Snow has summed up how badly journalists and pundits got the election wrong, saying he and they “know nothing”. 

Despite the polls narrowing during the campaign, commentators still expected the Theresa May to comfortably increase her majority.

One poll still gave the Tories a 10 point lead on the eve of election day.

But in one of the biggest upsets of modern British political history, May’s gamble cost the Tories seats and their majority, while Labour under Jeremy Corbyn gained 30 seats.

At the start of Friday’s Channel 4 News, Snow channeled his Game Of Thrones namesake.

He said: “Good evening. I know nothing. We the media, the pundits, know nothing. We simply didn’t spot it.”

After a day of politicians reeling, Theresa May remains in Downing Street despite failing so badly to meet expectations or even keep the majority.

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Theresa May appears determined to lead a minority a Government despite the terrible election results
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Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, May's joint chiefs of staff, should resign, MP Anna Soubry said

As the Tories talk to the socially conservative Northern Irish DUP to convince them to prop up their minority Government, Snow interviewed Tory backbencher Anna Soubry, who had previously called on May to “consider her position” as prime minister.

Soubry attacked the PM for isolating herself and largely depending on her two advisors, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill.

When asked if these two should resign, Soubry said they should. 

Soubry said the Tories had “a very, very bad set of results” and fought a “dreadful campaign”.