17 Tweets That Sum Up The Joy Of Parenting

The struggle is real.

Being a parent really is unlike any other job: some days you get unconditional love and other days you have to fish poo out of the bath.

These 17 parents have totally nailed the joys of parenting, and made us realise we aren’t the only ones living in a constant state of WTF.

1. Experiencing the hourly toddler meltdown.

Love it when dad realises the struggle. #parenting #dad #mum #mom #joyofparenting #terribletwos pic.twitter.com/gMEqJCq8PO

— Chloe Moore (@clowmow) September 2, 2016

2. And the inevitable bedtime battle.

That thing where your child kicks off an inexplicable hours-long bout of crying right as you’re about to drop off. #joyofparenting

— Luke Robinson (@LondonYank) April 6, 2016

3. Accepting you’ll never sleep properly again.

Nothing like starting your Monday at 4:30am #joyofparenting

— Craig Zheng (@_cz) June 1, 2015

4. Generally trying to care for them.

What's more difficult than putting eyedrops into a kid's eye? Nothing. There is nothing more difficult. #joyofparenting #pinkeye

— Amy Cardinale (@MamieCole) April 16, 2016

5. Doing things that no one else would do for them.

Change diaper *baby does explosive poo*. Change diaper and outfit *baby projectile vomits over both of us* #joyofparenting #babies

— Katrina (@katbergin) November 23, 2015

6. Retrieving foreign objects from sensitive body parts.

7. And treating their various medical ailments.


Dear Parent

I am sorry to inform you that there has been an outbreak of head lice in Senior Infants.#joyofparenting

— Douglas Keatinge (@dougkeatinge) April 12, 2016

8. Trying to teach them life skills.

New frequent one. Me "pick your feet up when ur running", a small scraping sound and my boy going down like a sack of spuds. #joyofparenting

— David McCulloch (@macDave1978) February 28, 2016

9. Coping with their emotional highs and lows.

5yo just came downstairs, tore up his paper plane and threw it away 'I don't want to be happy'. #joyofparenting

— IngeniousPrairieDog (@AlmaMartyr) November 24, 2015

10. Accommodating their wardrobe requests.

My morning was our daughter screaming for 15 minutes: "I. Don't. Like. PANTS!!" #JoyOfParenting

— Marc (@UsesBadWords) October 15, 2015

11. Never again owning a matching pair of shoes.

12. Trying to stop them leaving the house looking like they’ve been dragged through a hedge.

Daily hair argument with daughter: done. Only 12 hours til the next instalment. #joyofparenting

— Helen Child (@HelenRuthChild) September 13, 2015

13. Allowing your entire home to become a zoo.

#joyofparenting pic.twitter.com/Ly3SgYMC7b

— Dad's Curious Mind (@TheCuriousDad) October 10, 2015

14. A zoo with LEGO and sharp objects thrown in for fun.

Part of being a new parent is the discovery of what foods and toys will stick to the bottom of your feet. #JoyOfParenting

— @äřøņ €ðŵã®đ§ (@MrETwit) April 17, 2015

15. Generally lowering your standards of acceptable behaviour.

Woke to the toddler shouting 'Daddy, there's poo on my finger!'. So begins another week. #joyofparenting

— Dan Coxon (@DanCoxonAuthor) August 3, 2015

16. Being showered with love and affection.

17. Waiting for them to plan your downfall.

The 1 yr old says "I love you" for the 1st time while his older brother knees me in the balls. They're already teaming up. #JoyofParenting

— Jeremy Klumpp (@Klumpp13) December 1, 2015

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