17 Tweets That Sum Up The Joy Of Parenting

The struggle is real.

Being a parent really is unlike any other job: some days you get unconditional love and other days you have to fish poo out of the bath.

These 17 parents have totally nailed the joys of parenting, and made us realise we aren’t the only ones living in a constant state of WTF.

1. Experiencing the hourly toddler meltdown.

2. And the inevitable bedtime battle.

3. Accepting you’ll never sleep properly again.

4. Generally trying to care for them.

5. Doing things that no one else would do for them.

6. Retrieving foreign objects from sensitive body parts.

7. And treating their various medical ailments.

8. Trying to teach them life skills.

9. Coping with their emotional highs and lows.

10. Accommodating their wardrobe requests.

11. Never again owning a matching pair of shoes.

12. Trying to stop them leaving the house looking like they’ve been dragged through a hedge.

13. Allowing your entire home to become a zoo.

14. A zoo with LEGO and sharp objects thrown in for fun.

15. Generally lowering your standards of acceptable behaviour.

16. Being showered with love and affection.

17. Waiting for them to plan your downfall.

Remind us why we agreed to this?