Just Stop Oil's Snooker Protest Sends Twitter Into A Wisecracking Frenzy

"I know snooker needs an injection of intrigue but I didn't think they'd go straight to inferno matches."
Just Stop Oil protester jumped on the table during a snooker match in Sheffield.
Just Stop Oil protester jumped on the table during a snooker match in Sheffield.
Mike Egerton - PA Images via Getty Images

A Just Stop Oil protester has made headlines after disrupting the snooker world championship and opening a bag of bright orange powder all over the table – and Twitter absolutely loved the drama.

Just Stop Oil, a body of campaigners who want to end the use of fossil fuels in an effort to protect the environment, has a reputation for its eccentric protests.

This particular demonstration triggered a 24-hour suspension in the match, even though it took only 12 seconds for two security guards to run down the Crucible Theatre steps in Sheffield and remove him.

Another protester also tried to glue herself to a different snooker table, but the referee intervened before she could complete the act.

It’s not the first time the climate activists have divided people. They went viral last year after a group wearing the Just Stop Oil t-shirts threw soup over Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers at London’s National Gallery.

They’ve also blocked petrol stations, vandalised fuel pumps and disrupted football matches.

But this particular act seems to have won over most of Twitter (and there were plenty of Wotsits jokes).

And plenty actually thought it was a good protest strategy.

Although, many people might just have been hypnotising by the satisfying way the table was cleaned up afterwards.

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