22/03/2017 10:02 GMT

Swedish MEP Jytte Guteland Gives Passionate Speech While Baby Tries To Grab Microphone In Parliament

Such a wriggler.

A working mum proved having her baby on her hip wasn’t going to stop her giving a passionate speech about the humanitarian crisis facing Sudan.

Jytte Guteland, a Swedish MEP, held her son on her front and spoke about famine in war-torn countries, while in the European Parliament on Tuesday 21 March.

While Guteland delivered the speech, her son continuously tried to grab the microphone in front of him and did not want to keep still. 

European Parliament

Guteland was able to calmly diffuse the situation by holding her son’s hand close to her chest so he couldn’t touch the microphone.

But of course he continued to wriggle and try and free himself. 

By the end of the MEP’s speech, her son was curling up desperately trying to break free from her grip.

She managed to finish her speech, discussing starving children going to bed without food, according to the Express, and sit down to rock her son. 

Earlier this month, on 15 March, Guteland was pictured on Twitter taking her son to work. 

At the time, Guteland said, according to the Independent: “It’s common to have kids at work, but quite uncommon for them to come along and vote.

“But there is no parental leave for us MEPs. I want parents to be able to have parental leave regardless of their job or assignment.

“I think we should also be child-friendly so that a baby can come along when it’s possible.”

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