20/02/2017 11:53 GMT | Updated 20/02/2017 16:06 GMT

Social Media Star Reveals The Hard Truth Behind Those 'Perfect' Instagram Posts

'It’s been a long struggle to get to a place where health and happiness go hand-in-hand.'

An Instagram It girl with 24,000 followers has revealed the truth behind the “perfect” photos that she regularly posts on her feed.

Katherine Ormerod’s Instagram account is a gallery of carefully curated lifestyle images. She’s often pictured wearing stylish clothes and eating healthy meals in beautiful restaurants - and people clearly love it.

It hasn’t been an easy ride though. In fact, to get to where she is today, Ormerod has had to overcome a huge battle with her body. And now she wants others to know all about it. 

In a piece published on The Telegraph, Ormerod said: “Today I’m a toned size eight, which feels right on my 5ft 4in frame. But it’s been a long struggle to get to a place where health and happiness go hand-in-hand.”

She explained that, growing up, her weight fluctuated dramatically. She drank a lot of booze and smoked, and all of this contributed to a long-term struggle with maintaining a healthy diet and a positive relationship with her body. 

“There was never any medical issue with my weight, nor did I have any definable eating disorder, but there was nothing healthy about the constant yo-yo-ing,” she explained. 

Now she wants people to know of “the effort and misery” that played a part in shaping her body into what it looks like today.

She added that she wants to be honest about her journey, so that young girls know the full story.

“You never know what might be going on in the background or the demons someone had to face along the way,” she said, before adding that she is “proud” of how far she’s come. 

Ormerod isn’t the only person to open up about the consistent perfectionism that we’re constantly bombarded with online.

Fitness model Anna Victoria recently shared contrasting images of herself in the same bikini, as a powerful reminder to others that even the fittest bodies can look aesthetically different from day-to-day, or at different angles. 

In the first photo, Victoria was stood up straight with a flat stomach, while in the second she was sat down with visible belly rolls.

Meanwhile blogger Kelsey Wells, from ‘My Sweat Life’, shared a photo to proven that even the fittest people aren’t immune to issues like bloating.

“I could give you tips and tricks on how to fight bloating and zits and stretch marks,” she said.

“But I think it’s more important for everyone to realise that these things are totally normal. And nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.”

Here’s to more social media honesty in 2017. 

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