Kathy Griffin Seeks Comfort From Pal Jane Fonda As Her Marriage Ends

The comedian said the "Grace and Frankie" star is helping her mend a broken heart after filing for divorce from husband Randy Bick last week.

As she goes through the heartbreak of ending her marriage of four years, Kathy Griffin is finding solace in a famous friend.

On Sunday, the actor and comedian revealed on Instagram that she’s been confiding in Jane Fonda as she prepares to finalise her split from husband Randy Bick. She shared photos of a recent hangout with the “Monster-in-Law” star, showing the two women seated in a kitchen with the remnants of food on an assortment of tableware before them.

“My girlfriends are going to get me through this,” Griffin wrote in a caption. “Last night I had to use the bat phone. Me…‘Fonda, it’s Griffin. My heart is broken. I can’t eat I can’t sleep.’”

Fonda, she said, responded by telling her: “Come on over kid. I’ll make you something. You’ll eat and I’ll listen.”

Jane Fonda, left, and Kathy Griffin are pictured in 2012.
Jane Fonda, left, and Kathy Griffin are pictured in 2012.
Lester Cohen via Getty Images

By Monday afternoon, a number of other celebrities had pledged their support for Griffin under the post.

“Oh Kathy,” actor Debra Messing wrote in the comments section. ”You are loved and supported and you will rise out of this life’s difficult chapter stronger. You are a survivor. I’m so so sorry you’re hurting. I wish I could take it away.”

Added Broadway’s Kristin Chenoweth: “You. Will. Get. Through. This.”

Griffin filed for divorce from Bick last week, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The two began dating in 2011 and were married on New Year’s Day in 2020. Their officiant was none other than Lily Tomlin — who, incidentally, co-starred with Fonda in the classic 1980 comedy “9 to 5,” as well as on Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie,” which wrapped in 2022 after seven seasons.

When news of her impending divorce broke, Griffin issued a short, albeit succinct, statement on social media. “Well...sh*t. This sucks,” she wrote.

Griffin has said that she and Fonda were introduced at a 2007 celebration of Larry King’s 50 years in broadcasting. Since then, they’ve appeared together at a number of events, including a 2019 concert organised by the Los Angeles LGBT Center and a 2012 pre-Grammy Awards gala.

In a 2016 appearance on “Larry King Now,” Griffin recalled looking to Fonda for support following a “really gnarly breakup” with an undisclosed partner.

As for specific advice, she said Fonda had told her: “Whenever you’ve been through something that really rocks your world, don’t do anything for a year. Don’t buy a house, don’t sell a house, don’t move cross-country, don’t get married. … And she was right.”


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