Jane Fonda

The comedian said the "Grace and Frankie" star is helping her mend a broken heart after filing for divorce from husband Randy Bick last week.
Fonda couldn't help but laugh while admitting the shamefully superficial reason she'd only date someone 20 or younger.
Meanwhile, Mary's co-star Jane Fonda also acknowledged getting hot and bothered with someone on camera.
Fonda has starred in four films with Redford, but said he can be difficult to work with.
“He said that the character had to have an orgasm in the movie, and he needed to see what my orgasms were like.”
The Book Club: The Next Chapter star revealed she initially had no interest in acting.
The Oscar-winning actor pledged not to let the diagnosis interfere with her climate activism.
For those who didn't fancy staying up all night to watch a load of rich people win awards, here's what went down.
The 82-year-old star has roped in some famous faces to encourage people to exercise... their right to vote.
The Grace And Frankie star marked the first virtual Fire Drill Friday with a nod to her past.