Golden Globes 2021: All The Key Moments You Might Have Missed From This Year's Ceremony

For those who didn't fancy staying up all night to watch a load of rich people win awards, here's what went down.

We get it – staying up till four in the morning in the middle of a pandemic so you can watch a load of extremely wealthy film stars patting themselves on the back isn’t for everyone, is it?

Fortunately for anyone curious about what went down at this year’s Golden Globes, that’s exactly how we spent our Sunday night, so we can fill you in on all the key moments from the ceremony.

Normally, we watch awards shows like the Golden Globes with a strong hint of FOMO, but this year even the celeb nominees weren’t invited to the bash, so we felt like one of them as we watched along (even if we were doing it in pyjamas while guzzling Lucozade to make sure we stayed awake long enough to catch the whole thing).

From the biggest speeches and red carpet looks to the more subtle details you might have missed, here are 19 key moments from this year’s Golden Globes...

1. He wasn’t even in the same continent as the awards show, let alone the same room, but The Crown’s Josh O’Connor still stole the show with these “red carpet” pics

Dave Bennett/Getty

Can we please just talk about this photo-shoot for a second? Because we are extremely here for it.

2. But Josh wasn’t the only Brit whose fashion caught our eye

Todd Williamson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

We are very into this eye-catching Cynthia Erivo number, too.

3. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler got things going with this eight-minute comedy routine

We think they did a pretty great job given they weren’t actually in the same room as each other. Read more of our thoughts on Tina and Amy’s hosting here.

4. Sadly, it didn’t take long for a technical hitch to create a bit of an awkward moment

In fact, the first award of the night saw Daniel Kaluuya unfortunately muted while trying to give his acceptance speech. We’ve all been there during those early days of Zoom meetings, haven’t we?

5. John Boyega had no qualms in letting everyone know just how comfortable he was making himself

After winning his first ever Golden Globe for his performance in Small Axe, John Boyega proceeded to show the millions of people watching at home that he was not changing out of his “trackies”, awards show or not. A mood, frankly.

6. Catherine O’Hara provides her own special effects, courtesy of her husband

In case you were wondering what was going on here, the Schitt’s Creek star’s husband was playing canned applause on his phone to make Catherine feel more like it was a more regular awards show.

Adding to the authenticity, he then played some generic music as her speech continued, just as producers have been known to do when celebrities “go on a bit”.

7. Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson provided an obligatory “messy speech” at this year’s Golden Globes

We’re still not entirely sure what was going on here, but everyone certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves.

8. Sarah Paulson and Olivia Colman are big fans of Emma Corrin’s cat...

“Where’s the cat? Get the cat!” Olivia Colman shouted at her Crown co-star, as Sarah Paulson showed off her dog.

9. ...and they’re even bigger fans of Emma’s win

Olivia made it abundantly clear there were no hard feelings when Emma beat her in the Best Actress In A TV Drama category.

10. Sterling K Brown makes a not-so-subtle dig at the lack of diversity among the Hollywood Foreign Press Association

“It’s good to be Black at the Golden Globes,” he joked before presenting his first award of the night with fellow This Is Us star Susan Kelechi Watson.

11. If you thought John Boyega’s trackies were keeping it casj, wait until you see Jason Sudeikis’ Golden Globes number

Todd Williamson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“Is a tie-dye hoodie really red carpet ready?” we briefly pondered, before glancing down at the pyjama bottoms we’d already been wearing for longer than is socially acceptable, and decided not to judge other people on their sartorial choices.

12. Rosamund Pike pays tribute to fellow nominee Maria Bakalova

“For my movie I had to swim out from a sinking car,” Rosamund recalled. “I still would rather do that than have been in a room with Rudy Giuliani... Maria, I salute your brilliance.”

13. Josh O’Connor’s speech was, obviously, lovely

If nothing else, it’s great to see Josh and Emma get on a lot better than their on-screen counterparts in The Crown.

14. Jane Fonda’s powerful speech was a must-watch

No but seriously, take a couple of minutes now and watch it. Jane Fonda is clearly a legend, and this speech – which followed her award for her outstanding contribution within the worlds of both cinema and activism – more than proves it.

15. Jodie Foster’s utter disbelief at winning her first competitive Golden Globe in almost 30 years

“This is awesome! What a night!”. We particularly enjoyed her friends screaming off-screen when they found out the news.

16. Chadwick Boseman’s wife Taylor Simone Ledward gave a heartbreaking speech after the actor was awarded his first ever Golden Globe posthumously

The Black Panther star died in August 2020, following a private battle with cancer. His award-winning performance in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom debuted on Netflix just three months later.

17. Chloé Zhao made history as only the second woman in history to win a Golden Globe for directing

Chloé’s film Nomadland was also awarded Best Motion Picture – Drama at the end of the ceremony. Watch her acceptance speech for this in the clip above.

18. Meanwhile, we were absolutely not ready for Barb And Star to put in an appearance

Kristen Wiig has provided some amazing awards show moments over the years, including this latest one, featuring some of her latest comedy characters, Barb and Star.

19. And finally, Sacha Baron Cohen may well have given us the most memorable speech of the night

True to form, the Borat star pulled absolutely zero punches as he took aim at Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and yes, the Golden Globes in general.


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