27/11/2017 13:16 GMT | Updated 27/11/2017 18:31 GMT

Katie Hopkins To Leave Mail Online As Columnist

'What a day.'

Katie Hopkins will no longer write for the Mail Online after her contract was not renewed “by mutual consent”.

She also appears to have deleted all of her tweets but her account remains active.


Earlier this year the controversial columnist also lost her LBC radio show after she tweeted remarks in the wake of the Manchester bombing that some interpreted as calls for ethnic cleansing. 

Hopkins’ last contribution to the Mail Online was the a tale of how she didn’t “fall a**e over t*t” whilst wearing her wedding dress to attend the Tory Party Conference.

The news, coming on the same day as a Royal Wedding announcement, was almost too much for some.

A Mail Online spokesperson said: “Katie’s contract was not renewed by mutual consent.”

She has yet to comment on the news.

Hopkins began writing her column in November 2015 after moving from The Sun and has repeatedly drawn criticism particularly for her musings on immigration and Muslims.

In December 2016 the Mail Online was forced to pay £150,000 in damages after she wrote a string of mistruths and defamatory claims about a British Muslim family barred from travelling to the United States.

The family’s father, in a blog for HuffPost UK, wrote:

The past year has seen our family tarnished by a said Katie Hopkins writing in a notoriously right wing paper. The article(s) have had an incredibly detrimental effect on our family and community. We were labelled as ISIS supporters and extremists, and our family home was splashed across front pages with lurid headlines.

The feelings of hurt have not dissipated, we are rebuilding our lives, but they will never be the same again, but I would say to those affected by draconian policies, and racial profiling, do not be afraid to stand as citizens and not as subjects.

In October Hopkins was forced to delete a series of tweets in the wake of a car accident outside the National History Museum which appeared to suggest that it was a terror attack, telling tourists “right now, London is not worth the risk”. 

She also accused the BBC of state propaganda after the news website described the incident as a “crash”. 

Hopkins has appeared on Fox News in America in the wake of terrorist attacks in the UK claiming the capital was paralysed with fear.

Londoners responded to the news that they were cowering in terror in a city in total lockdown with blunt bemusement.