Katie Hopkins Trolled By LateRooms.Com Over Threat To Leave UK After Trump Victory

Yes, she has fans.

Hotel booking website LateRooms.com has offered Katie Hopkins a first free night if she follows through with her promise to move to America after Donald Trump’s election victory.

The outspoken pundit made the suggestion in a tweet at the end of last year which resurfaced due to people looking for a positive slant on the result.

Rather gleefully, LateRooms.com have added impetus to the possible venture by apparently booking Hopkins a free first night at Trump International Hotel & Tower.

Reaction has been mixed with some finding the joke hilarious and others being so incensed they are threatening to boycott the site.

Rather sportingly, Hopkins appears to be considering the offer.

Hopkins has previously hit headlines with sensational election pledges, including the promise to run naked with a sausage up her bum if Sadiq Khan won the London mayoral election.

She has not as yet to date carried out the run.

Hopkins made no attempt to disguise her preferred candidate on election night.


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