Katie Hopkins Thinks Zac Goldsmith's London Mayor Campaign Was Full Of 'Hatred'

She said it was 'too full of the sort of hatred we didn’t need'.

Even Katie Hopkins said that she felt that Zac Goldsmith's London mayor campaign was "way too full of the sort of hatred we didn’t need".

Speaking on LBC, she said: "He allowed other people to speak through his mouth it seems, other people to plant words in his head, other people to make him out to be something so disgenuine, so inauthentic, that even for someone like me who is called the closest thing to Rose West, people think I’m a horror story, and even I found Zac Goldsmith’s campaign to be way too full of the sort of hatred we didn’t need.

"What we did need was to pull out some other stuff about the truth of Sadiq. I wouldn't have minded that.

"But what we didn't need was this extremely negative campaign that was just negative, negative, negative.

"Actually I do think people buy into a positive story."

Hopkins has also vowed to follow through on her promise to streak naked through the streets of London with a sausage up her bottom following Khan's victory.

<strong>Even Katie Hopkins thought Zac Goldsmith's campaign was too negative</strong>
Even Katie Hopkins thought Zac Goldsmith's campaign was too negative
Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP

The professional provocateur, who is famed for her acerbic opinions, pledged to undertake the bizarre stunt in the event Khan was elected.

In a reference to Khan’s Muslim faith, Hopkins confirmed that she would perform the ritual, but only with Halal-sourced meat.

Khan has spoken out about Goldsmith's campaign following his saying that Muslim families have told him they have been put off entering politics over what happened to him during the election campaign.

He told Sky News: “I’ve spent my entire life fighting extremism and radicalisation, encouraging minority communities to get involved in mainstream politics and civic society.

“In the last few weeks, I’ve had dozens and dozens and dozens of parents, uncles and aunties and grandparents saying: ‘You know what, our son or our daughter, was thinking of going into politics but after seeing what’s happened to you, we’re advising against that’.

<strong>Sadiq Khan has spoken out about Goldsmith's campaign</strong>
Sadiq Khan has spoken out about Goldsmith's campaign
Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Goldsmith's campaign was accused of “dog-whistle racism” by trying to emphasise Khan’s alleged links with extremist Muslims.

The campaign outraged even Tories. Andrew Boff, the former leader of the London Assembly’s Conservative group, said that he and many other Tories in the capital were “really troubled” by the Goldsmith tactic of painting Labour’s candidate as an extremist.

After the polls closed on Thursday, Boff told Newsnight that he had told his colleague that it was “a mistake” to attack Khan with such allegations as it undermined the party’s hard work in appealing to the Muslim community.

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