Katie Hopkins EU Referendum Intervention Persuades Young People 'Not To Vote'

Will her words have the intended effect?

Professional provocateur Katie Hopkins is hoping to persuade young people *not* to vote in the upcoming EU referendum.

The LBC radio presenter said she will prove young people haven't earned their voice, ahead of the registration deadline on 7 June.

The move is her contribution to a Bite The Ballot and Hope Not Hate campaign to get 500,000 under 25s signed up to vote before next week's deadline.

Hopkins said on Thursday: “Kids… all mouth, no trousers.”

Hopkins is set to face opposition to her views in a special live Facebook debate on Sunday afternoon called #InOutLive.

Though that's yet to be confirmed:

The debate will be broadcast from central London and will include young campaigners, idols and influencers as panellists.

It appears the idea is to increase awareness of the impending deadline while instilling a rebellious streak in younger voters who are likely disinclined to follow Hopkins' advice.

Bite The Ballot has partnered with dating app Tinder, food service Deliveroo, and coffee chain Starbucks on a range of initiatives under the #TurnUp banner.


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