10/05/2017 16:03 BST

How Katie Piper Discovered The Power Of Fashion After She Had To Wear A Hospital Gown For Two Years

'Beauty is just an opinion, and it’s a personal one'

Katie Piper declared ‘she doesn’t dress for anyone but herself’ as she debuted her capsule clothing collection. 

The 36-piece line - which ranges from sizes 6 to 24 - is both ‘feminine’ and ‘edgy’, and available to buy from Want That Trend

Piper spoke to HuffPost UK about the important role fashion has played in her life and how it has affected her confidence, during an interview on ‘BUILD’

“Fashion’s played a big part in my life, from dressing up in charity shop clothes as a kid, to wearing horrendous clothes as a teenager, to wearing a hospital gown for two years,” Piper said. 

“I think it’s been a big tool in my life. 

“Especially when I had to wear a mask and couldn’t express myself through facial expressions, and hair and makeup. It became a port of communication so it became a big statement for me.”

Gareth Cattermole via Getty Images
Katie Piper attends the 'Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie' World Premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square on 29 June 2016 in London, England.

Piper’s confidence was broken after an acid-attack in 2008 that left her with facial and bodily scarring. 

But since then she has created her own company, released multiple books and subsequently become an inspiration for many. 

“I feel sexier the older I’ve got and I feel like my hair can be sexy. I don’t have to be revealing to be sexy, and being mysterious is more attractive,” she said. 

“It comes with age that comfortable feeling of not dressing for anyone but yourself and that’s a great place to be.”


The mum-of-one deliberately created a collection ranging from size 6 to 24. 

“I started from a 6 because I always feel like a size 6 gets ignored - most high street shops start from an 8. Not enough emphasis is placed on the smaller sizes for some reason,” Piper explained. 

“And the design isn’t comprised for women who wear a size 6 or 24. I’ve thought a lot about the style, so that it’s flattering.”

Piper also discussed how her perception of beauty has changed too since she was attacked. 

“I’ve really come to the realisation that beauty is just an opinion, and it’s a personal one,” Piper said. 

“But it can be one that we can be manipulated into having, and we can be groomed into having, unknowingly. Not just from advertising and media, but from everyday conversations. 

“And then if your beauty changes - not from ageing or gradually - but from an instance through disease, disability or sickness you can literally realise it’s just a made up thing that we’re groomed to think and you can change that perception.”