Katie Price Reveals Harvey Smashed Her Car Window Due To A Bout Of Hiccups

"Welcome to my bank holiday Monday."

Katie Price has revealed that her eldest son Harvey smashed her car window over the bank holiday, when he experienced a bout of hiccups.

The reality star posted footage of the aftermath on her Instagram page, showing Harvey – who has Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and other learning and behavioural difficulties – still in the car with smashed glass covering the ground outside.

“Welcome to my bank holiday Monday,” she wrote. “A normal day off. Harvey’s reaction to [hiccups].”

In the video, Katie was heard saying: “This is because of hiccups. Why did you smash the window, Harv? Look what you’ve done to the window.”

“That’s naughty, isn’t it? Bad,” he responded, to which his mum agreed: “Yeah it is.”

Katie and Harvey recently appeared together in the BBC documentary Harvey & Me, which followed the 18-year-old as he searched for a residential college where he can live now he is an adult.

The former Celebrity Big Brother winner said she hoped the documentary would show “what it’s really like to be a mum of a disabled child approaching adulthood”, as Harvey moves “from child to adult services”.

She added at the time: “Being a parent of a child with complex needs, as Harvey has, presents daily challenges. Simple day-to-day things that other people take for granted can take all day.

“Every day presents a new challenge, no two days are the same. We have learnt and grown together, and together we have built our private world, a bond between mother and son which goes deeper than most – we are unbreakable.”

Harvey and Katie Price pictured in 2019
Harvey and Katie Price pictured in 2019
Ian Lawrence via Getty Images

Katie previously told This Morning in 2019: “He’s got this side to him, challenging behaviour… my house is smashed to bits, he’s gone through eight iPads this year, four tellies… I love him so much, he’s my absolute life, but he’s just hard work now.”

She continued: “I’ve never done respite [care], because I would never want Harvey to think that I’m palming him off. But it’s come to a point, I absolutely have no choice.”

Last month, Katie hinted that she was expecting her sixth child, which would be her first with partner Carl Woods.

However, she remained tight-lipped on the subject when asked about it during a recent appearance on Steph’s Packed Lunch.

“I’m not saying I am and I’m not saying I’m not,” she told host Steph McGovern.


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