20/02/2017 14:27 GMT

Katie Price Explains 'Happy Christmas' Is Still On Her Windows Because Harvey Hates Change

'I’d just like to show everyone that yes, we have still got happy Christmas up.'

Katie Price has hit back at people who have criticised her for still having the words “happy Xmas” written on her windows by explaining it’s due to her son, Harvey. 

The 38-year-old recently shared an Instagram photo of her living room where the painted letters are visible in the background. 

Commenters were quick to suggest the family were “too lazy” to take the decoration down, so Price decided to set everyone straight.

“I’d just like to show everyone that yes, we have still got happy Christmas up on the window and everyone’s saying: ‘Eww why have they got that?’” she wrote on the Instagram video on 18 February. 

“Number one, it’s because we celebrate Christmas everyday - no we don’t really,” Price continued.

“Number two, it’s because every time we take it off, Harvey gets the hump with it because when you’re autistic, you’re used to normal things, and change - it affects you.

“But we will take it down in time, so thank you for listening to my explanation.”

Price’s 14-year-old son Harvey, suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome. He is blind, finds walking difficult and is on the autism spectrum. 

Fans commented on the video in support of Price.

“If Harvey likes it, then keep it up don’t worry what other people say,” one person wrote. “My son has autism and I would do the same.”

Another wrote: “What you have in your house is nothing to do with other people it’s your house.”

One person also commented: “Yassss Katie love this, I, too, have an autistic son and change really does effect him.

“I still had Christmas lights up until a few weeks back as my boy freaked when I took them down.”

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