04/07/2017 10:45 BST | Updated 04/07/2017 11:22 BST

Katie Price Hits Back After Being Criticised For 'Shameful' Video Of Kids Endorsing Products

'They are too young to do this.'

Katie Price has responded to criticism of a video she put up of her children endorsing a drink on Instagram.

The mum-of-five shared the video of Princess, nine, and Junior, 12, discussing and trying ‘Hey Like Wow’ drinks, on Monday 3 July.

The pair praised the flavours and bottles, and discussed how the liquid changed colour when they shook the bottles.

But some people disapproved of Price allowing her kids to endorse the products, with one writing: “Shameful getting your kids to endorse products.” 

Another person commented: “Have you ever thought that these kids might want to do this?”

And another wrote: “They are too young to do this.”

However, some fans did praise the pair - calling them “hilarious” and “future TV presenters”.

Price felt the need to defend her actions.

She shared another video on the same day, with the caption: “Saying the kids are promoting 😴😴😴 .

“Call me [sic] for letting the kids have drinks that are totally sugar-free, full of vitamins and amazing for Harv too that they love. Better than them drinking fizzy drinks or juice. Have a day off.”

She also shared a video in which she asks Junior if he likes the ‘Hey Like Wow’ drinks. He asks why, to which she responds: “Because people are saying why am I prompting you to promote a drink.

“It’s only because I’m getting stick Junior, again.”

Junior replies: “Why am I not allowed to say what I like?” and Price replies: “Well you can, but I’m actually trying to say they are good for you and I buy them in Tesco.”

Price’s fans came to her defence on the second video, with one writing: “I think people should sometimes think before they post messages. You aren’t doing anything wrong Katie. I really enjoy your posts on Instagram.

“They are positive, happy and they show what a wonderful mother you are.”

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