Katie Price Reveals Princess Will Drop Peter Andre's Surname To Have 'Princess Price' As Her Stage Name

The 9-year-old will be doing makeup tutorials on Instagram.

Katie Price has revealed her eldest daughter will be dropping her surname ‘Andre’ to appear as ‘Princess Price’ on social media.

The mum-of-five, 38, explained that her nine-year-old’s obsession with beauty and makeup means she will soon be doing tutorials on Instagram.

“Princess Price will be her stage name, not Andre,” Price told Star Magazine.

Price went on to clarify that although her daughter loves all things beauty, she “does not have hair or eyelash extensions”.

The mum added: “I’m sick to death of people saying I do all that.

“As if I’d do that to a nine-year-old girl!”.

Price also recently hit back at critics who said she was “pimping” her daughter out for allowing her to wear makeup on her reality TV show ‘Katie Price‘s Pony Club’.

“How can I be pimping my kids out? From day one, their lives have been documented.

“If we go shopping at the weekend and she wants an oompa loompa face it’s up to her.”

The reality TV star caused an Instagram debate in December 2015 when she shared photos of Princess, who was eight at the time, wearing makeup.

Parents commented on the photos criticising the mother-of-five for allowing her daughter to get so dolled up.

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