Katie Price Defends Travelling To Turkey For Op While Country Is Still On 'Red List'

The reality star's rep has insisted she's in Turkey on a work trip, as she's undergoing an operation that will be filmed.

Katie Price has defended her recent trip to Turkey, despite the country being on the “red list” with regards to travel restrictions.

Turkey is still among the international destinations that people should only travel to in “extreme circumstances”, according to the UK government’s guidelines.

However, a rep for Katie has since told the MailOnline the reality star’s trip is “essential” as it constitutes a work trip.

They said: “Katie has travelled with her fiancé to undergo a surgical procedure. The purpose of this travel is essential in that it is for her work, she is being filmed undergoing the operation.”

Katie Price pictured in 2017
Katie Price pictured in 2017
Tristan Fewings via Getty Images

Katie accepts she is in a fortunate position to be able to undergo this procedure and would like to reassure in doing so is part of her ‘work’, in sharing her journey as she endures further emotional, mental struggles and challenges,” the spokesperson added.

On Tuesday, the reality star posted a photo of herself and fiancé Carl Woods in an airport, writing: “Me and [Carl] on our travels... watch our [Adventures Of Katie And Carl channel on YouTube].”

She previously hit back at a story published on Tuesday stating she would be undergoing liposuction that day, writing on her Instagram story: “I’m sorry but this story is wrong! I haven’t had surgery today and I’m not at [Turkish clinic] Monosurgery.”

“NOBODY knows where I am or what I’m doing and when I do do anything… it will be revealed on my YouTube,” she added.

“It’s bullshit really,” she said. “You’ve got people out there who’ve lost their jobs, got no money, who are depressed, mentally depressed thinking, how are they going to get out this hole? How are they going to find another job?

“And what they don’t need is people, no disrespect, going out to Dubai, making out they’re an influencer because they’ve had five minutes on a show or something, rubbing it in their face.

They’re not even celebs. Who gives a shit? Like I wish everyone would unfollow them all and really do a job and work. It’s just unfair.”

Carl Woods and Katie Price last year
Carl Woods and Katie Price last year
Ricky Vigil M via Getty Images

Katie announced her engagement to Carl – whom she says she hopes to have children with in the near future – in April.

The couple had been together for around 10 months when Carl popped the question, but the Celebrity Big Brother winner said recently that the relationship moved quickly as she became reliant on him when she broke both of her feet on holiday last year.


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